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21 Day Purification Program

Do you want to feel healthier and have more energy?


  • Do you have trouble losing weight?
  • Do you have high cholesterol?
  • Do you have high blood pressure
  • Do you have blood sugar problems?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Do you have headaches?
  • Do you have sugar cravings?
  • Do you feel tired?
  • Do you feel older than you are?
  • Do you eat non-organic and packaged food?
  • Do you live in a high traffic area?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Have you had any occupational exposure to chemicals?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would likely benefit greatly from a purification or detoxification program.

In our office we utilize a 21 day program developed by The Standard Process Company, a leading manufacturer of organic whole food supplements since 1929. Unlike off the shelf "detox pills" this program uses whole food based supplements made from organically grown ingredients and the right foods to provide your body with high quality nutrients. Many products sold today are marketed as detoxification programs when in fact they are simply a colon cleanse. This program enhances the removal of toxins in your fat cells. It is a total body cleanse vs. just a colon cleanse. The goal of the program is to feed your body the essential nutrients needed to promote the filtering out of potentially harmful toxins in your system. This program cleanses your body from the inside out as well as supporting ideal body weight.

If interested, call our office for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Philips.

Sunbury Chiropractor | 21 Day Purification Program. Dr. Michael A. Phillips, D.C. is a Sunbury Chiropractor.