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On your initial visit we’ll determine whether or not you are a candidate for chiropractic care. I’ll discuss your symptoms with you, how your condition got started and what makes it better or worse. I’ll also ask about any prior injuries you might have had, your health history and your lifestyle, including work related and leisure activities.


A physical examination will follow your consultation. Chiropractic, orthopedic (bone and muscle) and neurological tests can help evaluate your condition. I’ll palpate or touch your spine and extremities to locate spasms and pain and to see how well your joints move. I’ll also evaluate your posture. We have X-ray facilities in our office. X-rays reveal problems with your vertebra, such as spinal misalignments and bone and joint disease. If needed, other imaging tests such as an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) may be ordered to show detailed images of discs, nerves, and other soft tissues.


Based on the results of your consultation and examination, I’ll discuss your diagnosis with you. Provided I feel your condition will benefit from chiropractic care, I’ll then recommend a treatment plan for you. If needed, I’ll consult or refer you to other specialists.


The primary focus of your treatment plan will be manipulation also known as Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT) or “adjustments”. This involves placing you on a specialized table and pressing on your spine and/or extremities to relieve irritated nerves and increase movement in your joints. This is a conservative procedure easily tolerated by patients of all ages. Depending upon your particular condition, we may also choose to facilitate the adjustment with adjunctive therapy such as ice, heat, electromuscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound or spinal decompression, a traction based therapy. We may also instruct you in specific exercises to improve posture, strength and flexibility. Orthopedic appliances or supports may also be prescribed. We also offer doctor supervised weight loss and purification/detoxification programs.


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