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Normally a person’s spine when viewed from the back should be in a straight line. A lateral curvature in this normally straight line is called a scoliosis. Indications that a scoliosis may be developing are uneven heights of the shoulders, unevenness of the back surface from side to side or unevenness of the ribs in the front or on the side. All children should have a periodic screening examination for scoliosis, particularly if any of the above indications are observed. Left untreated, scoliosis can lead to painful arthritis of the spine. A careful chiropractic examination and x-rays when appropriate, can determine the type of scoliosis a patient may have and evaluate the magnitude of any curvature. Certain types of scoliosis can be stabilized with chiropractic treatment, others may require an orthopedic referral. The most common difficulty adults face with scoliosis is that of back pain. Chiropractic manipulation has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for back pain and may offer ongoing relief for the disabling pain that can occur in adult scoliosis. 

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